Buying Central Pneumatic Air Compressor Parts

Like the compressors they’re made for, Central Pneumatic air compressor parts are known for their variety, durability, efficiency, and of course their low price. These are all qualities that make Central Pneumatic a household name when it comes to pneumatic tools for home do-it-yourselfers. When it comes time to upgrade your compressor or perform basic maintenance and minor repairs, it’s good to know you have a complete line of Central Pneumatic replacement parts at your disposal.


Central Pneumatic parts diagramTo help you understand how an air compressor works, it may be best to compare it to something like a human lung. Everybody has blown out candles on a birthday cake before. As you inhale air to blow out the candles, you are in theory increasing air pressure within your lungs; the same way as an air compressor stores pressurized air.

When you exhale the air, your lungs are no longer pressurized and more air is then needed to come in. Properly looking after your lungs is crucial as they are a vital component of our body. If something should happen to them, you can’t simply go online to buy a replacement. Fortunately for air compressor owners, finding parts online is relatively easy when something fails because of overuse or misuse.

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central pneumatic regulatorThe price of these replacement parts can vary quite a bit depending on who you buy from. Because Central Pneumatic is not a brand sold at big box home improvement stores such as Home Depot or Lowes, you will not be able to find parts there. For these, you will most likely have to go online.

This itself is a good thing as companies are able to offer these products at a low price since they do not need to worry about all the overhead prices which come from being a “brick and mortar” store. Also, because of the large number of individuals who own Central Pneumatic air compressors, you will have a wide range of retailers to choose from.

Types of air compressor parts you may need in the future may not exactly be the same as what you need today. Most likely, there will come a time while working on a project that adding a new part to your arsenal would be a much better option than a complete replacement. With the low price of Central Pneumatic parts, price will never stand in the way of completing a job.

Fixing Your Air Compressor vs. Buying a New Air Compressor

No matter what brand of compressor you have, it’s a fact that at some point a part on it will fail. For most companies which produce pneumatic tools, you are almost forced into buying replacement parts due to the high cost of the compressor itself. With Central Pneumatic, many times it just makes more financial sense to upgrade or replace your current air compressor with a brand spanking new unit rather than trying to track down parts to fix it. With other competitors, this is almost unheard of because of the high cost.

What Are Some Central Pneumatic Air Compressor Parts That Can Be Replaced?

Central Pneumatic air compressor check valveWhether you own a huge 60 gallon upright tank compressor, a portable compressor on wheels, or a small 3 gallon pancake unit, replacement parts are easily obtainable. Among the more common parts that get replaced are: air filters, check valves, intake filters, capacitors, drain valves, fans, gaskets, starters, motors, pressure switches, pressure gauges, pumps, regulators, reed valves, and various accessories such as hose nozzles. It’s also possible to purchase an entire rebuild kit although many times this only is advisable for some of the large, more expensive models.

Along with the compressors themselves, a complete parts line is available for air compressor tools such as:  nail guns, grinders, impact wrenches, staplers, sanders, paint sprayers, ratchets, and air hoses. Whatever types of Central Pneumatic replacement parts you need, you can be sure they’re available.

Where Is The Best Place To Buy Central Pneumatic Air Compressor Parts?

central pneumatic air compressor hose

While you may be able to find a good selection of replacement parts at your local Harbor Freight Tools store, unless you have an immediate need, you’d be best off by going online. Either by going to the Harbor Freight website or one of the many online air compressors parts retailers, you’ll most likely find the part you need.

One thing to be cautious is purchasing your parts on Ebay. Even though there are many reputable sellers on Ebay, some of them are actually selling refurbished Central Pneumatic compressor parts or substandard knock-off versions shipped out of Hong Kong. Just take the time to do your research and you’ll be fine.