Central Pneumatic Warranty (FAQs)

As a Harbor Freight brand known for value, what kind of warranty does Central Pneumatic offer in case a tool breaks?

Here we tackle frequently asked questions about Central Pneumatic warranties including coverage durations, eligible tools, claim processes, exclusions and provide tips to ensure you can easily exchange a defective device.

What Is the Standard Warranty Coverage?

The limited warranty term is 90 days from the original date of purchase or order for all Central Pneumatic tools. This covers defects in materials and workmanship that cause the tool to fail during normal use and operation.

However, limitations and exclusions do apply so it is important to review the full policy details to understand what is not covered. For example, damages from misuse, abuse, neglect or accidents would not be covered. Replacement parts also have a 90 day warranty from the purchase date.

Which Tools Are Eligible for the 90 Day Coverage?

The 90 day limited warranty applies universally to all Central Pneumatic branded power tools, hand tools, air tools, and automotive tools regardless of price point or quality tier.

The only exceptions would be certain items that cannot safely be returned once opened, such as pumps, sprayers or drain cleaners that contained hazardous chemicals and gases. These ineligible tools will be listed on the policy exclusion list. Please contact Harbor Freight customer service to confirm the status of a particular item before purchase and use.

Is There Lifetime Warranty Coverage on Any Central Pneumatic Tools?

Yes, the lifetime warranty extends to all branded Central Pneumatic hand tools, guaranteeing them to be free from defects in material and workmanship for the entire lifespan of the product. This means that Harbor Freight Tools agrees to replace any Central Pneumatic hand tool that fails to function properly at any point while owned by the original purchaser.

If an exact replacement item is unavailable, they reserve the right to substitute with a substantially similar tool. Note that the lifetime warranty does not apply to power tools, accessories or parts – only hand tools. Limitations related to commercial/industrial use, wear and tear, negligence and misuse would still apply.

Is There a Restocking Fee?

Central Pneumatic tools, like other Harbor Freight branded items, may be subject to a 20% restocking fee when returned, even for a warranty claim or exchange. The good news is that there are notable exceptions where the restocking fee would be waived according to their policy:

  • If the item is still factory sealed and unopened in “new” condition
  • If the defective item is being exchanged for an upgraded product in the same Central Pneumatic tool category or family
  • If replacing or exchanging the tool under an officially purchased Extended Service Protection plan (extended warranty or replacement plan)
  • If the defective tool or part is able to be repaired or replaced under the included short-term limited manufacturer warranty.

These stipulations protect the consumer – you are not penalized with a restocking fee on a straight warranty claim replacement. But otherwise be prepared for the store to deduct 20% from any refunded amount if simply wanting to return your Central Pneumatic tool for a full refund within the 90 day window.

Please note restock fees can change at anytime at Harbor Freight Tools’ discretion without advance notice to consumers. And certain tools may have higher restocking fees depending on model – check with a store associate for specifics or contact customer service by phone on a particular item.

But the standard fee applied to most Central Pneumatic tool returns is 20% as of the time of this writing if outside the waiver criteria listed above. So consider the options and policies first before completing a purchase.

How Do I Start a Central Pneumatic Warranty Claim by Mail?

First, you need to contact Harbor Freight customer service within 90 days of your purchase to acquire a Return Authorization number for any returns, exchanges or warranty replacements done by mail. Expect to provide key details like your order number, the product name/description, reason for return and original purchase date.

Once authorized, package up the defective Central Pneumatic tool securely along with copies of your original purchase receipt, order invoice or packing slip as your proof of purchase. Make sure your return address and the RA number are clearly visible.

Shipping/handling charges will not be refunded. Expect 2 to 4 weeks for completion of an approved claim.

Can a Warranty Claim Be Done In-Store?

Returning in-person to one of their retail locations is often faster and can provide immediate resolution in many cases. You have 90 days from purchase to bring the defective item into any Harbor Freight Tools store along with your original receipt or packing slip to exchange for a replacement or receive a refund in the original form of payment.

Debit/check refunds may be given as cash. No need to go back to your original purchase location – all stores can initiate the approved warranty return, exchange or refund for Central Pneumatic tools. Just note that store managers reserve the right to refuse any return deemed questionable.

What Should I Know Before Attempting a Warranty Return on My Central Pneumatic Tool?

There are a few key things to keep in mind:

  • Proof of purchase within 90 days showing order/item details is always required.
  • Hazardous items that contained flammable liquids/gases cannot be returned by mail.
  • Certain opened items may not be returnable – check exclusions list.
  • Expect a 20% restocking fee to potentially apply.
  • Following usage guidance prevents misuse/damage that voids warranty.
  • Consider extended coverage options beyond the 90 day period.

The manager also reserves right to refuse returns even with receipt and within timeframe – though this rarely occurs with defective items. Ultimately, understanding Central Pneumatic’s warranty policies protects your purchase and makes exchanges smooth when necessary.